Martijn Pieters


ceramics, drawing, illustration, and painting


Amsterdam, Netherlands



I’m fascinated by the subconscious, the subtle, and the eternal. Making tangible of what cannot be captured in words.  I find solace in honesty - in raw, confronting works of artists like Anselm Kiefer, H.R. Giger and Michel Houellebecq. Art that expresses essences, that is able to mirror deep felt realities, that possesses an intuitive intelligence.

This is a quality I strive for in my paintings. Currently I’m focussed on painting abstract realistic works with materials as alkyd and acrylic paints. In first instance I let the materials catch the raw impression, later on I refine, scrape and shape until the image is strong enough to stand on its own. 

For this reason I prefer to use generic titles. I believe a work should be able to interest without providing instructions what to see or conclude. Works that address joy and sorrow, fear and wonder, lust and love.

This site shows the majority of works of past years. The latest series Dark Garden contains about 20 paintings – these will be added as soon as they are photographed. 

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry or discussion. I welcome any feedback.